Our Ponies

  • Harry

    (Waimai Royal Occasion) Harry is a registered Part Bred Welsh Pony. He is 13 yrs old, is approximately 12.2hh and has a delightful, reliable, calm nature. He is beautiful bright Bay in colour with two white hind socks and a perfect blaze and as you can see is very handsome to boot!

  • Belle

    (Corivale Dubonnet) Belle is a registered Part Bred Welsh Pony standing at approximately 12.2hh. She is 12 years old and an absolutely stunning Buckskin with 4 white stockings including black points, with a white blaze and black mane and tail. She really is every girls dream pony and combined with her beautiful nature, she makes a wonderful lead rein pony … and did I mention "gorgeous"!!

  • Heidi

    (Nanteos Autumn Gwenog) Heidi is the latest addition to our team. She is a Pure Bred Welsh Pony and is 11 years old and approximately 12.1hh. She is just beautiful in Black with 4 white stockings and a white blaze on a very pretty petite face. She has a lovely quiet nature and has settled in well to her new role.

  • Honey

    (Pallister Honey Pot) Honey is a Pure Bred Section A Welsh Pony and is 11.2hh. She is 14 years old and the most beautiful Golden Buckskin colouring with 4 high white stockings and a big white blaze. Honey is also registered with the NZ Golden Horse Society. She has a fabulous nature and very pretty all rolled into one!

  • Butterfly

    (Ruru Sands Butterfly) is a Purebred Section A Welsh Pony. She is approximately 11hh and 11 years old. She is a beautiful rich, golden Chestnut, with pretty flaxen mane and tail and has four white stockings and a blaze. She really stands out with her superb looks and refinement and has such a gentle disposition

  • Cracker

    (Valhalls Apollo) is a very special Miniature Horse. He is 37" tall and the most amazing chestnut and white pinto with an awesome nature and is kind and gentle. He is an experienced show horse so enjoys being fussed over and has the patience of a saint when it comes to his job of petting horse. Most of all he is every child's dream pony and the prettiest horse you have ever seen ... once you meet him you will never forget him!

  • Azera

    (Double Destinys Azera, Imp USA) has the most wonderful calm and friendly nature and is also an experienced show horse and another of our wee petting and grooming Miniature Horses. She is solid Chestnut in colour with a white star and stripe ... a very beautiful little mare standing at approx 33" tall. Azera enjoys being fussed over and decorated with pretty girly things which is all provided when booking our petting horses.